Michigan State Trooper Criminally Charged After Using a K9 to Brutalize an Unresisting Suspect

Michigan police brutality—original case details

Michigan State Trooper Parker Surbrook has been criminally charged for his alleged actions during a traffic stop where he allegedly ordered his K9 partner to bite and grab the driver of the vehicle for several minutes. According to reports, Surbrook and an undercover Lansing police officer arrived at the scene where the suspect had already crashed his vehicle into a tree and was laying outside the vehicle nearby. According to Surbrook’s in-car video, the suspect was attacked for several minutes by the K9 as ordered by Surbrook. Surbrook rushed out of his car as he arrived and repeatedly yelled to the dog to “stop him, stop him, stay on the ground.” Even while the suspect reportedly told Surbrook, “I’m done” and “I’m not moving sir,” Surbrook allegedly refused to pull the K9 off of him, Surbrook was reported to have told the suspect multiple times, “I don’t care.” The suspect ended up being treated at the hospital for bite injuries to his head, arms, ribs, genitals, and legs. The suspect also claims to have suffered a broken hip from the incident. Surbrook’s alleged actions were discovered during a routine video review, which led to Trooper Surbrook being criminally charged with felonious assault. 


Trooper Surbrook is facing a single count of felonious assault. Felonious assault is a crime that carried a maximum possible penalty of up to four years in prison, along with fines and other court costs. Even though Surbrook isn’t accused of directly attacking the suspect, Surbrook is said to have been in control of his K9 partner and allegedly ordered the dog to continually attack the suspect, causing the suspect several injuries. The video in this case is difficult to watch, and the criminal process against this police officer has only just begun. Michigan state representative Sarah Anthony described that she “watched an unarmed Black man be mauled by a police dog for nearly four minutes under the direct orders of a Michigan State Police Officer Trooper.” Rep. Anthony described Surbrook’s actions as “a blatant abuse of power and can only be described as torture.” This is just the latest chapter in the seemingly never-ending problem of police brutality that exists not only in our state but across the country. 


When videos like this surface showing apparent dangerous conduct of police officers abusing their power, the effect can be seen across the world. When the world saw George Floyd senselessly and slowly murdered on a camera phone video, the entire world erupted in protest. The sad thing about these incidents is that without video, we may never hear or see the truth in any of these cases. Black Lives Matter protesters faced an entire summer of attacks and conflicts with local police here in basically all of the major cities around Michigan. The spotlight on police and their conduct has never been brighter. If you or someone you love has been victimized by a police officer, then you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and for the misconduct of the officer. Cases against police departments are not easily won and require the steady hand of an experienced police brutality lawyer who understands what it takes to be successful against government actors. Governmental immunity protection for police officers is strong and requires a showing that the officer directly or recklessly disregarded the law in their conduct for any civil lawsuit to continue. If you have questions about your situation, then call us at Oakes Law Group so we can help.


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