A driver’s license restoration is a process to get someone’s driver’s license reinstated after it has been revoked due to multiple drinking and driving or drugged driving offenses. If you have had two or more drinking or drug related driving convictions in the past seven years, then your license is revoked, and you are not allowed to drive unless you are reinstated by the state of Michigan.

There is no process for an automatic reinstatement of your license, once it is revoked, it is gone unless you go through the necessary process to convince the Secretary of State that it is safe to allow you back on the road again. It is your responsibility to prove to the Secretary of State administrative judge that you meet the necessary requirements of sobriety in order to have your driving privileges restored.

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You are eligible to seek reinstatement of your driver’s license after one year has passed since it was revoked due to multiple drinking or drugged driving convictions. You will also, at minimum, be required to submit the following documentation:


  • A current substance abuse assessment that is no more than 3 months old when submitted
  • Three to six letters of support written by people who can attest to your sobriety
  • Written and documented attendance of support meetings such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA).


Once these documents are submitted, you will then have to request a hearing in writing to the Office of the Secretary of State. This hearing will take place live, although usually over videoconferencing in front of an administrative hearing judge. You will have to appear personally, either on your own or with an attorney. During the hearing, you will have to prove a lengthy period of sobriety (usually at least a year) as well as showing reasons why the sobriety will continue and that you will not be a danger to others on the road. Additional items such as drug screens, and proof of counseling could also be necessary in order to get your driving privileges restored. It is important to note that hearing officers are not there to give breaks or cut corners; their role and position is to protect those on the road from drivers who have a high risk of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. So, if you are seeking to restore your driver’s license, understand that it is an uphill climb with a number of hurdles along the way. An experienced driver’s license restoration attorney will help you see these hurdles coming, so you can handle them appropriately to give yourself the best chance to get your license back. 

If you are denied reinstatement of your Michigan driver’s license by a hearing officer, then you will have to wait another full year before you are eligible to reapply for your license again. Your only option otherwise is to appeal the decision of your hearing officer to the Circuit Court in the county in which you live. For example, if you are denied your license and you live in Lansing, then you would appeal to the Ingham County Circuit Court. At the appeal hearing, the state of Michigan will be represented by an attorney from the Attorney General’s Office whose job is to defend the decision of your hearing officer denying your reinstatement. It is important to note that your appeal is only limited to the information that was presented at the hearing. You are not able to bring new evidence that was not discussed or mentioned at your appeal as appeals are only done to review the actual record of a case or proceeding. The Circuit Court judge has the authority to reinstate your license in full and reverse the hearing officer’s decision if he or she so chooses. Your best chance, however, typically is at the initial stage with a hearing officer. In most cases, a denial means waiting for another year before having the opportunity to have driving privileges restored. If you have been denied, you have a limited time to seek an appeal before that decision is final.

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When you are seeking to restore your driver’s license, there are a number of factors that you will have to satisfy in order to get your license back. Simply meeting the bare requirements listed and scheduling a hearing can actually be a recipe for disaster if not done correctly. If you do not go into this hearing with your absolute best case, then you may find yourself waiting another year before you are able to get another chance to get your license back.

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